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It’s time to get more. More contacts, more leads, more sales, and more return on your investments. We can do that.

One Platform. Unlimited Possibilities.

Abundance CRM

ABUNDANCE Business Development CRM

ABUNDANCE bridges the gap between sales, service, and marketing to provide a comprehensive customer acquisition and retention platform that connects businesses with consumers in a smarter way to build loyal customer relationships, increase market share, and profitability.


Virtual BDC

As customer shopping habits are evolving, so are communication and technology. Businesses MUST find an effective way to differentiate themselves from competitors and manage the customer journey with smarter ways to connect and interact.

Our experienced BDC is a third-party resource that specializes in your business, and tailors a strategic sales and service communications plan to completely manage your customers’ journey – from shopping and lead generation to purchasing and retention. Our service focused BDC gives businesses the power of an experienced and most affordable BDC in the market. Best of all, we can integrate with ANY CRM system.



Abundance Intelligent Managed Marketing

What if you could harness the power of a larger sales & marketing team and engage customers in a more effective method? Now You Can!

Meet AIMM. Abundance Intelligent Managed Marketing. With a host of managed services such as:

  • SEO Maximizer
  • Text/SMS Services
  • Managed Chat
  • AI Lead Interaction
  • Targeted Enhanced Email Marketing
  • Social Media Integrations
  • And More!

We believe in developing and maintaining a long-term relationship with clients by
ensuring their business is consistently creating traffic and sales!


We leverage all the latest tech and best practices to ensure exceptional results.

Our account specialists and marketing advisors utilize many different approaches to engage your businesses customers and prospects. One that is custom tailored and built for your business. Whether its through our social media campaigns, managed text or chat services, or one of our many other integration services, we acquire your business new leads and and turn your existing customers into repeat customers.

Worker In Warehouse Checking Boxes Using Digital Tablet


ABUNDANCE BDC has the knowledge, training, and experience to take your business or service to the next level.

The need for traffic on a daily basis is more paramount now than ever before, and the dynamic shift in the way consumers go about their buying has increased the need for a more structured approach to generate and manage leads.

A BDC is now a necessity not a luxury and should be seen as the number one traffic source of your business, both in Sales and Service. Without this service you are dependent upon the natural flow of traffic through your store which has decreased dramatically over the past couple of years.

More Leads, better lead management, more sales, better service, more ROI. That’s ABUNDANCE.

Development organizations face a long list of challenges from personnel reductions, tight budgets, rising costs, increasing security risks and ever-increasing competition for funding. As varied as they are, however, those challenges all point to one fundamental development imperative – improve project impact.

What Sets ABUNDANCE Apart?


No technical knowledge required on your part. Cloud based CRM and Management applications. Quick setup and integrations. Training available. Customizable. Flexible. Superior support and customer service.


Professional BDC services for any business, any size, with outstanding rates that wont break the bank. Multiple payment options.


View all of your information from any device, with pixel-perfect design.


Get back to running your business and enjoying your free time while you let our professional BDC engage your prospects and manage customer development and relationships. Even while your not working!


Fast CDM technology gets the information you need and the service your customers expect, quickly. Complete lead and prospect relationship handling. The ability to track and report on virtually every aspect of your customer’s history and shopping habits. Complete Customer Relationship Management.


Start making more sales and more profit. Stop losing or upsetting customers from poor or slow service. Generate more leads. Maximize your ROI dollars.


Protect you and your customers data. Live backup system keeps everything backed up. Protect your business interests. Ability to audit all interactions.


Premium 24/7/365 Support services valued at 5 stars. Committed to you and your customers satisfaction.


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Think your business can’t benefit from ABUNDANCE? Think Again..

  • Automotive Dealerships
  • RV Dealerships
  • Motorcycle & Powersports Dealerships
  • Marine & Boating Dealerships
  • Social Networks
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Law Firms
  • Dress Boutiques
  • Pest Control
  • Restaurant & Food Services
  • Automotive Repair Shops
  • Medical Professionals
  • Retail Storefronts
  • Churches/Ministries
  • Tire Shops
  • Schools
  • Bakery
  • Construction
  • Music Artists
  • Clubs & Bars
  • Home Improvement Stores
  • Job Tool & Supply Distributors
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Services
  • Veterinary Services
  • Lawn Services
  • Travel Services
  • And much More!


Let us tell you more about Abundance…or better yet, show you!